Lumitester C-110

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    Lumitester C-110 is a small, lightweight and precision instrument for ATP measurement

    Small & Lightweight
    Portable body, weighs about 700g. You can carry it easily and make measurement by rechargeable batteries.
    High Sensitivity & Wide Dynamic Range
    With the special reagents "CheckLite" series, you can measure 1.0 x 10-13 to 3.0 x 10-17 ~ 3.0 ×10-11 mol ATP.
    Simple & Speedy Operation
    Insert a test tube containing mixture of sample and reagent, and just push the start button. The result will be displayed after only 10 seconds*1, and anyone can get measurement results on the spot with ease. ATP concentration and cell count can also be obtained after calibration.
    *1 In case of standard mode
    Advanced measurement
    An advanced mode is pre-installed. This mode enables measurement time and delay time settings, and consecutive measurement, which are suitable for highly professional biochemical research use.
    Convenient data processing performance
    Measurement data are recorded in the C-110, and can be transferred the data to PC for print out and for data processing.
    Detection method Photon counting mode using photomultiplier tube Display LCD (liquid crystal display) panel
    Detection range 1.0×10-17~1.5×10-12molATP*2
    Printer Data can be printed out to an optional external printer
    Dark noise Below 10 RLU (25℃)*4 Interface RS-232C
    Measurement time 10 sec. in STANDARD mode
    1-1000sec. in ADVANCED mode
    Software Utility software for data collection and standard curve settings
    Sample tube size φ12×55 mm Power Rechargeable battery(NiMH) or AC adapter
    Sample volume 0.1 mL Size 185 W×110 D×75 H mm
    (excluding projecting parts)
    Data output RLU (Relative Light Unit), M (ATP concentration), pg (Amount of ATP), CELL (Cell count) Weight Approx. 700 g
    Temperature /
    Storage -10 to +50℃, Operating +5 to +40℃/
    No condensation
    Data storage 1000 pieces of data Accessories Tube stand, AC adaptor, RS-232C cable, Instruction manual, Utility software
    • *2 With CheckLite HS Set reagent (without ATP elimination)
    • *3 With CheckLite 250 Plus
    • *4 In case of standard mode


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